Términos y condiciones de uso

This Term of Service was written in French and translated into other languages for information purposes and for ease of reference. In the event of any discrepancy between this version and the French version of this Term of Service, the French version shall prevail and should be used to resolve any issues relating to the interpretation and / or application.

Article 1 - Definitions

« User »: any natural or legal person using the Website. Automated systems or software accessing the Website are expressly considered as non-legitimate users of the database available on the Website or as not having lawful access to the database available on the Website.

« Candidate User »: any non-professional natural person, who has registered as a User.

« Customer »: any natural or legal person acting within the context of their professional activity, who has registered as a User and subscribed for HELLOWORK’s paid, or free services, including reserving a space for publishing Content.

« Curriculum vitæ » or « CV »: a document prepared by Candidate Users detailing, in particular, their professional background, training, and personal interests.

« CV Library »: Web space hosting CVs and Profiles that can be accessed via the Website by Customers who have subscribed for the « CV Library » service.

« Personal space »: a dedicated password-accessible space for each registered User. Once registered, Candidate Users automatically receive an email asking them to create a password associated with the email address provided. Candidate Users will then be able to amend and/or add to their personal information.

« Registration »: action allowing Users to access certain Services and taken by notifying HELLOWORK of their email address.

« Content »: this includes offers of internships, jobs, training, skills assessments, franchising, wage portage, creation and takeover of companies, personalised support, coaching, invitations to tender, retraining, professional working life-related services; information on Customers and companies in general, careers and career management, setting up and taking over a company, franchising, law, professional retraining, training, skills assessments, wage portage, personalised support, coaching and, more generally, on the topic of professional working life.

« HELLOWORK »: SAS HELLOWORK, located at 2 rue de la Mabilais in Rennes (35000) registered as SIRET No. 428 843 130 00140.

« Services »: all services offered by HELLOWORK, available on the Website and listed below.

« Notification »: message offering the Content to Users via all communication channels and, in particular, via the following means: Website banner and graphics, email, SMS, mobile notification, web notification.

« Profile »: all User data collected and recorded by HELLOWORK. Profiles are named for Candidate Users. Otherwise, they are anonymous. Profiles include a « Curriculum Vitae » when used by Candidate Users on the Website.

« Website »: the Website accessible via the following domain names: hellowork.com, blogdumoderateur.com, helloworkplace.fr, maformation.fr, hellowork-group.com, mon-compte-formation.fr, jobijoba.com, holeest.com, hellocv.com, cvcatcher.io, all domains accessible from villes-emploi.com as well as all their sub-domains or the HelloWork app for mobile phones and tablets.

And formerly accessible via the following domain names: regionsjob.com, jobtrotter.com, ouestjob.com, estjob.com, nordjob.com, parisjob.com, sudouestjob.com, pacajob.com, rhonealpesjob.com, centrejob.com, cadreo.com, hellowork.io, maformation-ouest.fr, maformation-est.fr, maformation-nord.fr, maformation-paris.fr, maformation-sudouest.fr, maformation-paca.fr, maformation-rhonealpes.fr, maformation-centre.fr, mes-competences.com, ma-formation-dif.fr.

Article 2 - Purpose

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to set out the terms of access and use of the Services offered on the Website.

Article 3 - Description of Services

Candidate Users and/or Customers will be informed by email, as soon as possible, of any changes to the free-of-charge nature of the Services offered on the Website and will be free to choose whether or not to subscribe for these new Services and/or to cancel their Registration for the modified Services.

3.1 Free Services accessible to all Users

All Users will have access to the following Services:

3.2 Free Services accessible to Candidate Users

Candidate Users are expressly informed that their registration includes access to all of the Services offered by HELLOWORK, whatever the domain name of the Website used to register.

On the other hand, simply by changing their Personal Space settings, Candidate Users can, at any time, cancel their Registration for any or all of the Services.

3.3 Paid Services accessible to Customers

It is understood that subscription for these Services supposes prior and unreserved acceptance by the Customer of HELLOWORK’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Article 4 - Terms and Conditions of Website access

By accessing the Website, Customers acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed these General Terms and Conditions and legal information. Consequently, Users acknowledge that any Website access contractually binds them to HELLOWORK under the terms of this General Terms and Conditions.

Users shall ensure the compatibility of their IT equipment and software installed to access the Website. The Services may be accessed by Users for an indefinite period, unless HELLOWORK modifies the Website.

Article 5 – Registration – Personal Space

5.1 When Users register, HELLOWORK creates a Personal Space that Users can set up using their login – email address – and the password chosen upon receipt of the email from HELLOWORK.

Users are solely responsible for keeping their login ID and password confidential. They are fully liable for any act involving the use of their login and password. In the event of loss or theft of the login and/or password, or in the event of use by an unauthorised third party, the Candidate User or the Customer must contact the Website immediately at the following address support-candidat@hellowork.com.

5.2 By registering, Candidate Users are subscribing, by default, for all the Services referred to in Article 3.2 of this document « Free services accessible to Candidate Users » and, consequently, agree to receive all the notifications mentioned in Article 3.2.

Candidate Users may, at any time, change their Personal Space settings to adapt the Services to meet their needs.

5.3 Closing the Personal Space cancels all Service.

Article 6 - Users’ obligations

Users may not use Website Services to engage in activities prohibited by law and common decency.

In general, the Website may only be used directly, or indirectly, for commercial ends by HELLOWORK. The Website relates to the topic of professional working life. The Website may not be misused by anyone for purposes unrelated to the above.

By registering, Candidate Users or Customers agree to only provide and post information or content which is correct and which relates personally to them. Candidate Users or Customers may not publish personal information about third parties without their express prior agreement. In any event, HELLOWORK cannot be held liable in this regard.

Candidate Users or Customers alone decide what information they wish to post on the Website. They may not impersonate third parties, nor publish messages of a defamatory or offensive nature, that is contrary to common decency or of a criminal nature.

By subscribing and publishing personal information, Candidate Users or Customers authorise HELLOWORK, on the Website or via its partners, to reproduce, represent and adapt said personal information and, in particular, to incorporate said items of information into the various web pages and sections and/or into its partners’ media.

Article 7 - Reporting

HELLOWORK provides, free of charge or for a fee, storage for content published by Candidate Users or Customers in order to make it available to Users.

Each User is asked to inform HELLOWORK of any content likely to be contentious, in accordance with the following material and formal requirements:

This notification must be in the form of an email sent to support-candidat@hellowork.com or a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt in which Users provide their surname, first name (for a legal person, its company name and RCS number) and address.

This notification must include a description of the facts in issue and the precise location on the Website, the reasons why the content must be removed, including the legal requirements and any supporting evidence. Insofar as possible, the User must send a copy of any correspondence to the author of the information or activities in issue asking the author to stop, withdraw, or modify such information or activities, or proof that the author or publisher could not be contacted.

Any User submitting a notification is hereby informed that any inaccurate notification may give rise to criminal sanctions and agrees to hold the Website harmless against the possible consequences of an improper notification.

HELLOWORK agrees to react promptly to any User notification that is made correctly and that is clearly well-founded or that reveals facts that constitute evidence of the violation of a rule of law. HELLOWORK shall ensure the anonymity, where applicable, of the author of the comments in issue, while reserving the right to take any reasonable measure against said author, including banning such Customer or Candidate from the Website.

Article 8 - Distinctive elements of the Website - Intellectual property

8.1 The Website’s graphic charter, as well as all trademarks, logos, contributions, photographs, data, texts, comments, illustrations, animated or non-animated images, video sequences, sounds, patents, private data, technologies, products, publications, and processes as well as all computer applications that could be used to operate the Website and, more generally, all the elements reproduced or used on the Website are protected under current intellectual property laws.

They are fully owned by HELLOWORK or its partners. Any reproduction, representation, use, or adaptation of any kind whatsoever of all or part of such elements, including the computer applications, without the advance, express, and written consent of HELLOWORK or of the rightsholder, is strictly prohibited, with the exception of downloading, displaying and printing the data on this website solely for private and non-commercial purposes.

8.2 Users may only use the Website for the purposes of accessing the Services, solely for private and non-commercial purposes.

In particular, Users expressly acknowledge and accept that the use of automated systems or software to extract data from the Website, in particular, the Content and the CV Library (especially screen scraping/web scraping), for any commercial or non-commercial purpose whatsoever, is strictly prohibited, unless HELLOWORK has signed a written licence agreement expressly authorising the User to extract part of the Website data.

Users are only authorised to create links to the Website page https://www.hellowork.com. Any links to other Website pages shall be subject to prior, express and written authorisation from HELLOWORK.

8.3 In the event that the Website’s database is protected by Articles L. 342-1 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code (protection under sui generis law), Users are, in any case, prohibited from:

8.4 HELLOWORK reserves the right to automatically cancel this agreement and to institute any proceedings to sanction any infringement of its intellectual property rights.

Article 9 - Responsibility

HELLOWORK is bound by an obligation of means, not results, for all its obligations.

a) Access and operation of the Website

The Website is based on technology developed by third parties. The Website agrees to use all necessary means to ensure continuous access to the Website. To ensure the technical maintenance of the Website, access may, however, be temporarily suspended. Insofar as possible, HELLOWORK shall strive to inform Users of any such suspension via the Website.

HELLOWORK cannot accept liability for any harm that may result from the unavailability of the Website or problems connecting to the Website.

HELLOWORK cannot not be held liable, without this list being exhaustive, for loss of profits, customers, data or information stored on the Website within the context of professional or commercial use, nor for indirect damages within the context of personal use.

b) Content and CV published on the Website

The information provided on the Website, including any interpretations of regulations and practices, is for information purposes only. For personal advice or to find a legislative, regulatory or contractual text, Users shall refer to the official information issued by the public services in question.

The fact that Content, published by a Customer, is posted on the Website or through a Notification, does not mean that this Content is recommended by HELLOWORK. Consequently, HELLOWORK cannot be held liable for Content that contains false, incomplete or misleading claims.

HELLOWORK cannot be held liable for false declarations made by Customers and Candidate Users. Similarly, HELLOWORK cannot be held liable if the information communicated by these User Candidates and Customers on the date of their Registration or publication of the message in question has become obsolete.

Candidate Users and Customers are, therefore, solely responsible for the information and contributions published on the Website.

Candidate Users and Customers acknowledge that HELLOWORK cannot be held liable for the relationships that may develop between Candidate Users and Customers as a result of using the Services.

HELLOWORK will only be held liable if it is established that the damage reported is due to its own fault and provided that there is a direct and certain causal link between the alleged fault and the damage suffered by the User.

HELLOWORK cannot be held liable for the loss or destruction of the Content and/or CV.

HELLOWORK shall not be held liable for any violation of these terms and conditions of access and use of the Website by Users.

In any event, the liability of HELLOWORK, or any future operator, shall not exceed €150, for all types of damage.

Article 10 - Time Bar

Any liability proceedings brought against HELLOWORK are time-barred one year after the occurrence of the damaging event giving rise to the damage.

Article 11 - Severability - Interpretation

The fact that HELLOWORK or the User does not exercise, at any time, a prerogative recognised by these General Terms and Conditions may not, under any circumstances, be interpreted as an express or tacit waiver of the right to exercise such a prerogative in the future.

Furthermore, the recognition of the invalidity of a clause will not affect the validity of the remaining General Terms and Conditions or of any other clause.

Article 12 - Applicable law - Competent court

These terms and conditions, the annexes, and any implementing documents are subject to French law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation and performance of this General Terms and Conditions shall be brought before the ordinary courts in the case of non-professional Users and before the courts of RENNES, notwithstanding multiple defendants or third-party notice proceedings, in the case of professional Users.